Santa Net

The following information is from Tony Proctor KF4KFQ. Questions surrounding this event should be directed to

That time of year is once again approaching and Santa and a cast of characters will be making their way across the night skies of Middle Tennessee.

That time of year is once again approaching when Santa and a cast of characters will be making their way across the night skies.

This year with the coordination of Williamson County Amateur Emergency Service (WCARES), the Santa Net will be running across most of Middle Tennessee on the WCARES’ system of linked repeaters (if there is no weather emergency)

In addition to talking locally on 145.21 (PL 173.8), Santa will also be answering QSO’s via the Echolink system (Node Number 258417 – Franklin Tennessee). The net will begin at 7:00 PM and last as long as traffic holds. Net Control will begin calling for QSO’s with Santa after 7:15 PM. Please be considerate. Santa can not take everybody’s QSO at 7:15 PM so please if you can wait until a little later in the evening please do so…. Santa will appreciate it…. It is a busy night for him after all.

Before the event, Santa will be accepting special information about the younger listeners.

Please forward any special information about your special little one to: Please put “Santa Net” in the Subject Line.


  • Name  (if the name is unusual a phonetic spelling along with it would be helpful)
  • Boy or Girl
  • A general location or street (specific address is not needed)
  • Maybe the name of a special present that Santa will be packing just for them.
  • Any other tid-bits that Santa should know about the individual child that would make the QSO with Santa special for them.
  • And if your child has a Special Elf stationed in the home.

Of course all hams are always welcome to join in the fun with any and all reports of Santa sightings and mysterious happenings.

All hams are always welcome to join in the fun with any and all reports of Santa sightings and mysterious happenings.

Hams should take the opportunity to let any friends that are scanner owners know about the net and the fun of ham radio. Bruce has made honorable mentions for children of scanner owners in the past and is happy to do so again. Just send the above information via the above email.

I know Christmas Eve is a busy time in many homes but please try to tune in. This has always been fun in the past and I hope to make it a fun and special night again this year.

The repeater frequencies in use for this year are (more information at
the WCARES web site:

Repeater Freq (MHz) Tone (Hz) Shift
Franklin 444.025 110.9 +
Franklin 145.150 123.0
Fairview 145.130 156.7
Brentwood 145.210 173.8
Kirkland 443.875 107.2 +

4 responses to “Santa Net

  1. Our group would like to be part of your Santa Net. We have a conference server that can connect up to 1000 stations at once. Please contact me.


  2. Craig Chapman

    I just want to say, what you all put on last night was amazing! I won’t be testing until January so me and mine didn’t get to participate this year, but we listened in and the kids were amazed! I can guarantee that we’ll be on next year! Thanks again! Craig in Mt. Juliet.

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