CQ, CQ, CQ – SANTA NET on Christmas Eve!!!

This is a special way to share in the magic of Amateur Radio during the special night of Christmas Eve. Every year, Santa talks to our young folks via HAM Radio, as he works his way thru the skies across Middle Tennessee.

Here are the high points about the net. Full details are in the attached pdf, or available at  Many thanks for Tony Proctor, KF4KFQ for sharing his time to help Santa chat with our young ones on Christmas Eve!

The time of year is once again approaching and Santa and a cast of characters will be making their way across the night skies of Middle Tennessee.

This year the 14th Annual Santa Net will be running across most of Middle Tennessee on the 145.21 (PL 173.8) system of linked repeaters (If there is no weather emergency) and this year, for many of those travelling, Santa will be answering QSO’s from the Echolink system (Node Number 258417 – Franklin Tennessee). The net will be at 7:00 PM and last as long as traffic holds. Net Control will begin calling for QSO’s with Santa after 7:15 PM. Please be considerate. Santa can not take everybody’s QSO at 7:15 so please if you can wait until a little later in the evening please do so…. Santa will appreciate it…. It is a busy night for him after all.

Santa will again be accepting special information about the younger listeners to the Santa.

Please forward any special information about your special little one to: Please put “Elf Report” in the Subject Line. de KF4KFQ

For those who are not able to reach the net, or don’t have little ones in town to participate, please share this info with others who may be interested, so they can experience the wonder in a child’s eyes when they get to talk with Santa on Christmas Eve.

I am able to live the experience each year! My granddaughter visits from North Carolina each Christmas, and thanks to the Santa Net, can go to sleep knowing that Santa knows how to find her in Nashville, once Santa reassures her that he knows where she is, and has her special requests in his sack 🙂

Many Thanks and 73,


Catherine “Cathy” Goodrich, KK4IWN

(Cell)  860-916-0151

ARRL Public Information Coordinator

Tennessee Section

ARRL, the national association for Amateur Radio®

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