Elections will be held for Club Officers for the calendar year 2017

As discussed during the last Club meeting on September 15, elections will be held for Club Officers for the calendar year 2017.

As required in the Clubs Constitution, Article C, Section 2, President Ed Nutter appointed Bob Rogers to serve as chairman of the Nominating Committee during the September meeting.  Anyone wishing to assist Bob on this NominatingCommittee should contact Bob directly, kb4pyp@comcast.net.

The Nominating Committee will announce the candidates for officer positions at the October Club meeting scheduled for October 20.  No additional nominations will be permitted after the close of business at the October meeting.

Elections will be held at the regular Club meeting in November, scheduled for November 17.

Anyone wishing to nominate someone for a officer position should contact Bob at kb4pyp@comcast.net.  Candidates must hold a current amateur radio license and be a full or life member of the Club in good standing.


Paul, KJ4WQN


Nashville Amateur Radio Club

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