Boy Scots JOTA

Information from Martha KJ4RIQ:
Today we held the Jamboree on the Air for Boy Scout Troop 169 at the Lock Two Club house from 9am to about 1pm. We had about 20 scouts plus some parents. We were able to give the kids a chance to experience making contacts and learning more about just what they can do in amateur radio. We may get some new hams from this. I think we had as much fun as the scouts did. Many thanks to all who helped with the day to make it the success it was. Thanks to Cathy KK4IWN, Allan K4AMQ, Sarah W4SEQ, George KC4TMV, Jerry KE4ETY, Laura KK4CGY, Jared KF4LNX, Russ W4NI, and Ed KE4JWS. We couldn’t have made it without your help.

We have invited the Scouts to come out to other events such as the Weather Spotter class and Field Day. It will give the club more chances to encourage new hams.

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