Information Net for November 26

Dayton Hamvention Announces DX Theme for 2013


Throughout its 62 years, the Dayton Hamvention® has showcased the best that Amateur Radio has to offer. Each year, a specific theme — such as Amateur Radio clubs, global friendship or the advent of digital modes — spotlights one of the many facets of the Amateur Radio Service. And when Hamvention opens on May 17, 2013, at Hara Arena, the 2013 theme DX Hamvention will reflect an important part of ham radio: the distant contact. “Hamvention is often an important DX destination for amateurs from all over the globe, Hamvention General Chairman Charles Kaiser, KD8JZR, explained. “Working DX is often a mix of magic, conditions and the diligent application of radio theory.”

Kaiser — who served as Hamvention Assistant General Chairman in 2012 — noted that many attendees to return each year to Dayton to meet other hams whom they have talked to on the radio. “The quest for that distant contact advances Amateur Radio on many levels,” he said. “This year, the Hamvention team is honoring DX in all of its forms.”

ARRL’s large exhibit area at Hamvention, ARRL EXPO, has always included significant attention for on-air DX activities and the participation of many international visitors. “In addition to our many activities at ARRL EXPO — such as hands-on kit building, forums and membership services.”

Read by:RICK N9GRW

We are proud to support DXers from all over the world,” said ARRL Marketing Manager Bob Inderbitzen, NQ1R. “We know hams appreciate our on-site QSL card checking services and enjoy being able to drop off their cards for the ARRL Outgoing QSL Bureau. In recent years, the ARRL exhibit area has included representatives the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) and from our partner radio societies in the UK, Germany, Japan and Qatar.”

Jim Tiderman, N8IDS, will serve as the 2013 Hamvention Assistant General Chairman. “Jim has been active in Hamvention for many years, and he brings a natural leadership style to the Hamvention team,” Kaiser said. “I will be asking Jim to lead many important responsibilities to enhance the event. It is very important to note our team is all-volunteer and we continue to work in the spirit of collaboration.”

A number of key vendors have already committed to returning to Hamvention; the Dayton/Montgomery County Convention & Visitors Bureau estimates that the annual event produces an economic impact of about $4 million for Montgomery County, and nearly $10 million regionally. Hamvention, the world’s largest Amateur Radio gathering, brings about 25,000 people to the greater Dayton area. The three-day event — scheduled for May 17-19 — includes exhibits, a flea market, forums, education sessions and license exams.

Be a Star! Enter the Third Annual ARRL Video Contest


If you’ve ever wanted a way to show the world how exciting Amateur Radio can be, here’s your chance: The ARRL is sponsoring its Third Annual Video Contest! Here’s a chance to put that video camera to use: Shoot a ham radio-related video and send it our way. If your video takes first, second or third place, we’ll post it on the ARRL website for everyone to see. We’re looking for a few good videos (but only one per ARRL member, please) on any tasteful subject relating to Amateur Radio. Videos will be judged on overall quality and composition, and prizes will be awarded for first, second and third place.

Who can enter: The video author/producer must be an ARRL member; however, the people who appear in your video can be non-members. If you were one of the winners in our 2012 contest, you are ineligible to enter again.

Deadline: Entries must be postmarked by March 1, 2013. Burn your video to a CD or DVD using the appropriate software and mail it to ARRL Video Contest, 225 Main St, Newington, CT 06111. Do not attempt to send it via e-mail, as our e-mail system cannot accommodate large files.

Subject: Must be directly related to Amateur Radio and be in good taste. Videos will be judged on overall quality and composition.


  • Maximum length: 5 minutes
  • Format: AVI, MPEG or WMV, 320×240 minimum resolution

Production equipment: We are looking for videos shot by amateur videographers using consumer-grade cameras and editing software/equipment. The use of professional-grade cameras, editing equipment or studios is not permitted. We reserve the right to reject videos that we suspect were commercially produced.



  • Accompanying Information: All entries must include the following information: Where the video was recorded, a description of the subject of the video and the names and call signs of any persons shown. If children appear, you must secure the permissions of their parents. Include the permissions as separate documents when you send your video. Something along the lines of the following is sufficient: “I, John Doe, grant permission for my child, Jane Doe, to appear in a video titled Two Reasons to Avoid Inserting Forks into AC Outlets by Hiram Percy Maxim, W1AW.”
  • Rights: The ARRL automatically owns non-exclusive rights to all videos submitted for the contest. This means that by sending a video, you are granting us the right to use your video in any lawful manner.But you still retain the original rights to your video and can do with it as you please — even to sell or publish it elsewhere.
  • Music: If you add a music track to your video, make sure the music you select is free of copyright restrictions. For example, don’t add music by Eric Clapton unless you have Eric Clapton’s permission!
  • Judging: Videos will be judged on overall quality and creativity. The decisions of the judges — composed of HQ editorial and production staff — are final.
  • Prizes: The first place winner will be awarded $500, while the second-place winners will receive $250 and the third-place winner will receive $100. Winning videos will be displayed on the ARRL website and on the ARRL HQ YouTube channel.

Check out all the details — including the fine print — on the ARRL Video Contest Rules and Guidelines web page.

Santa Net


That time of year is once again approaching and Santa and a cast of characters will be making their way across the night skies of Middle Tennessee.

This year with the coordination of Tom Delker, K1KY, the Santa Net will be running state line to state line and across most of Middle Tennessee on the MTEARS system of linked repeaters (If there is no weather emergency)

The local MTEARS repeater covering most of Williamson County is 443.725+ PL 107.2 or go to for repeater and tone information. In the event of an emergency event, the Santa Net will use 145.23 and the associated linked repeaters as the alternate. The net will be at 7:00 PM and last as long as traffic holds. Net Control will begin calling for QSO’s with Santa after 7:15 PM. Please be considerate. Santa can not take everybody’s QSO at 7:15 so please if you can wait until a little later in the evening please do so…. Santa will appreciate it…. It is a busy night for him after all.

Read by:ED KE4JWS

Santa will again be accepting special information about the younger listeners to the Santa.Please forward any special information about your special little one to: Please put “Santa Net” in the Subject Line.


  • Name (And if the name is unusual a phonetic spelling along with it would be helpful)
  • Boy or Girl
  • A general location or street (Specific address is not needed)
  • Maybe name a special present that Santa will be packing just for them.
  • Any other tid-bits that Santa should know about the individual child that would make the QSO with Santa special for them.
  • And if your child has a “Special Elf” stationed in the home.

Of course all hams are always welcome to join in the fun with any and all reports of Santa sightings and mysterious happenings.

Hams should take the opportunity to let any friends that are scanner owners know about the net and the fun of ham radio. Bruce has made honorable mentions for children of scanner owners in the past and is happy to do so again. Just send the above information via email.

I know Christmas Eve is a busy time in many homes but please try to tune in. This has always been fun in the past and I hope to make it a fun and special night again this year.

MTEARS Frequencies

443.725	107.2	MTEARS Hub Nolensville
442.800	107.2	MTEARS State EOC Nashville
444.650	114.8	MTEARS Short Mountain
444.450	107.2	MTEARS Gallatin
443.075	156.7	MTEARS Heritage
442.725	100.0	MTEARS Southport
443.950	107.2	MTEARS Tullahoma
444.025	127.3	MTEARS Manchester
444.600	107.2	MTEARS Cookville
443.875	 88.5	MTEARS Crossville
443.125	103.5	MTEARS Cleveland
443.975	107.2	MTEARS Pasquo
442.625	107.2	MTEARS Clarksville
442.850	100.0	MTEARS Lobelville
444.450	123.0	MTEARS Jackson
443.950	100.0	MTEARS Waynesboro
443.625	127.3	MTEARS Huntsville
442.700	100.0	MTEARS Deason
443.400	100.0	MTEARS Lawrenceburg

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