2012 Skymont Horse Ride Report

Well Skymont has come and gone with a lot of success, and we received much praise from the riders and Dr. Ike even though it was us who should thank them for letting us participate in their event.

We enjoyed some real good food, both on the trail and at the Mess hall, (excellent deserts).We had about 60 riders both days, good weather, we didn’t have any mud holes this year. I would like to thank George KC4TMV, Jerry KE4ETY, Mike AK4UK, Jim WA4VGZ, Jared KF4LNX, Martha KJ4RIQ, and Ed KE4JWS for coming out to help. Ed presented Dr. Ike a certificate of appreciation for promoting the working relationship between the club and the BSA Benefit Trail Ride. There was only one accident. One of the riders had a branch strike him in the Eye. He got a black eye but otherwise was OK. We were told of a circumstance that happened recently that proved just how important the Amateur Radio Operators are at such events. At a horse ride in Alabama, a lady had a heart attack and fell from her horse. Because Amateur Radio was there within (3) minutes after her attack LIFE FLIGHT was on its way to pick her up. Two (2) of the Ham operators were EMS Qualified. She  passed on before they got her to the ER, however. But, the Doctors said she wouldn’t have made even if  she had been at  ER when it happened.  But it goes to show we are helpful in more ways than one and not only do we learn and have fun but, it is important for us to participate in these events. Keep up the Good work and again Thank you.

Bill     WB7DWJ


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2 responses to “2012 Skymont Horse Ride Report

  1. George

    What kind of private video do we have????

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