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LST-325 Runs Aground On Its Way Back to Evansville


LST-325 on the Cumberland River (credt: James DeVillez)

KENTUCKY (WFIE) – On Tuesday, LST 325 remains stuck on the Cumberland River after running aground Monday night.

The ship was supposed to be back to its home port of Evansville on Tuesday, but crews say it’s taking longer than expected to tow the ship into deeper water.

Officials say the ship is still located near Kuttawa, Kentucky where the Coast Guard tried to free the ship by using a tugboat.

Crews worked throughout the night until about three Monday morning.
There are authorities still monitoring the ship, but it’s the locals that are just trying to get a glimpse of something they say they’ve never seen before.

“It’s huge. How could he miss the channel that much and it’s heartbreaking to see it out there,” Evansville resident Mike Sanford said.

“You just don’t see this type of boat out here,” Richard Sinnett, a local resident, said.

Sinnett was one of many locals that took their boat out to get a closer look of the grounded LST 325. He says according to the depth gauge on his boat, the ship is likely in four feet or less of water.

Read by: Martha KJ4RIQ

“You can see the birds just standing out there. They’re standing up out there, this is the shallowest part of the lake,” Sinnett said.

Monday night, Coast Guard officials say the LST 325 ran off course from the channel and aground due to a storm causing low visibility. Authorities say they tried to free the ship with a tugboat, but were unsuccessful.

Coast Guard Chief of Inspections Lt. Daniel McQuate says luckily there were no reports of injuries or damage.

“We don’t have any reports of any type of oil spill or any environmental damage. We have one of our small boats out in the area monitoring the situation,” McQuate said.

McQuate says their plan is to eventually pull the LST 325 out with tugboats, but to prevent any damage, they’re not rushing.

“It’s a 70 year old vessel, so we don’t want to put a whole lot of force on it trying to pull it without having exact details of how hard aground it is,” McQuate said.

Sanford is a longtime Evansville resident who says he’s taken tours on the LST 325 several times and he’s hopeful it makes it home safely from its cruise to Nashville and Clarksville, Tennessee.

“With the history of that boat, we definitely want to save it,” Sanford said.

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[The ship is now in Evansville….THIS SHOULD END THE STORY FOR NOW!!!!! -George]

Support Requested: Youth in Ham Radio

Read by: PAUL KJ4WQN


My name is Jeff Demers, N1SNB.

I wanted to take a quick moment to tell you about a new program to support youth activity on the HF bands.

Chances are, if you were like me, getting on the air after getting your first license was a little challenging. Parents were bugged. Pennies were saved. Numerous “compromise” measures were taken to get that first station on the air! My company, Amateur Radio Supplies LLC, of Haverhill, Massachusetts seeks to help a few lucky young hams get on the HF bands and make some contacts! Do you know any deserving young hams? We will be giving away 3 complete HF stations per year in order to support activity on the ham bands,

Details at:

Read by: ED KE4JWS

My sincere hope is that you can spread the word to your club membership. Link the gateway from your club website, mention it in your newsletter – anything you can do – to help make sure this program is a success is greatly appreciated. The more kids we can get on the air, the better!

If you have a young ham to nominate, email us. Otherwise individuals are invited to apply right from our website:

Your support is greatly appreciated. The future of ham radio depends on youth activity. Please help spread the word.

Jeff Demers, N1SNB
President – Amateur Radio Supplies

FCC Seeks to Change Amateur Radio Licensing Rules, Allow Additional Emission Types

Read by: RICK N9GRW

On October 2, the FCC released a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) in WT Docket No. 12-283 that seeks to change the Amateur Radio licensing rules, especially as they concern former licensees. Acting upon an April 2011 Petition for Rulemaking filed by the Anchorage VEC to give permanent credit to radio amateurs for examination elements they have successfully passed, the FCC proposes to revise Section 97.505 to require that Volunteer Examiners (VEs) give examination credit to an applicant who can demonstrate that he or she formerly held a particular class of license. In addition, the Commission seeks to shorten the grace period during which an expired amateur license may be renewed and to reduce the number of VEs needed to administer an amateur license examination. In response to a Petition for Rulemaking filed by the ARRL in March 2011, the FCC looks to amend the Amateur Service rules to allow amateur stations to transmit additional emission types in order to permit Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) in the Amateur Service. But in doing so, it denied the League’s request for a blanket waiver pending the resolution of the rulemaking proceeding.

Comments on these proposed rules changes will be accepted until 60 days after the NPRM is published in the Federal Register (this can take up to six weeks after release of the NPRM). Reply comments will be accepted until 90 days after publication in the Federal Register.

Licensing Issues
Examination Credit


To be issued a new or upgraded amateur operator license, a person must pass an examination or otherwise receive credit for the examination element(s) required to qualify for the relevant license class.

Applications for new or upgraded licenses must be filed through a volunteer-examiner coordinator (VEC), which obtains the applicant information from VEs, who in turn administer examination sessions and issue a certificate of successful completion of an examination (CSCE) to an examinee who scores a passing grade on an examination element. A person also receives credit for an examination element if he or she presents either a CSCE for that element that was issued within the previous 365 days or an unexpired (or expired but within the grace period for renewal) amateur operator license for a license of a class that required passage of that element.

In its Petition, the Anchorage VEC asserted that it was unfair that after the grace period for renewal of an Amateur Radio license ends, a former licensee “loses all credit for any elements passed, and must start all over if they want to continue their Amateur Radio activities. Does the passage of time somehow invalidate a person’s knowledge? We think not. We believe that any applicant who can demonstrate that they have passed certain elements at some previous date or who have held a license grant for a particular class of license, again on or before various applicable dates, should not have to be re-examined on those elements before a new license can be granted. It seems unfair to allow some applicants to claim element credit for items previously passed and not others.”


The FCC stated in the NPRM that it recognized that the rules treat a former licensee differently than a licensee who passed the same examination(s) but who continuously renewed his or her license: “We also agree with Anchorage VEC that the fact that an individual allowed his or her license to expire more than two years ago does not necessarily mean that the person no longer possess [sic] adequate knowledge of the subject. That a license was continuously renewed does not establish that the licensee remained active in the Amateur Service, for amateur licensees are not required to operate their stations in order to remain licensed.”

To read the complete article go to the ARRL News page.

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