FCC Proposes Price Hike for Vanity Call Signs

On May 4, the FCC released Notice of Proposed Rulemaking FCC 12-48 to propose the collection of $339,844,000 in regulatory fees for the 2012 fiscal year. One of the proposed changes is the regulatory fee to obtain or renew an amateur radio vanity call sign. Currently, the fee is $14.20 and is good for 10 years; the FCC proposes to increase this to $15.

Those holding vanity call signs issued prior to 1993 are exempt from having to pay the vanity call sign regulatory fee at renewal as Congress did not authorize the FCC to collect regulatory fees until 1996. In the past 14 years of the current program, the fee fluctuated from a low of $11.70 in 2007 to a high of $70 when it was first proposed in 1994.

The FCC anticipates to collect $214,500 this fiscal year from the 14,300 amateur radio operators applying for or renewing their vanity call signs.

For more information, see the ARRL news announcement.

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