Information Net for January 30

Tennesseans can participate in second annual Great Central U.S. ShakeOut earthquake drill on Feb. 7

Read by: Rick N9GRW

Tennessee Emergency Management Agency encourages schools, families and businesses to participate in drill

Registration is open for the second annual Great Central U. S. ShakeOut earthquake drill, which will take place at 10:15 a.m., CST, on Feb. 7, 2012. More than 3 million people in 11 states, including 250,000 Tennesseans, took part in the first Central U.S. ShakeOut drill on April 28, 2011.

To sign up for the ShakeOut, go to The site provides links to other earthquake preparedness information. In addition to schools, there are also participant categories for colleges and universities, businesses, non-profit organizations, medical facilities, individuals and families and more.

“Small earthquakes and tremors occur frequently in Tennessee, said Director Jim Bassham of the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency (TEMA). “We hope Tennesseans will use the upcoming drill as an opportunity to practice protective actions and get prepared in case we have a major earthquake in our state.”

The New Madrid Seismic Zone, which is made up of several thrust faults that stretch from Marked Tree, Ark. to Cairo, Ill., has produced some of the largest earthquakes ever in the continental U.S. Experts say knowing how to respond when an earthquake occurs is an important step to practice before the next major event occurs.

During the ShakeOut, residents should practice the Drop, Cover and Hold On technique for 60 seconds:

  1. DROP to the ground
  2. Take COVER by getting under a sturdy desk or table, and
  3. HOLD ON to it until the shaking stops

The Drop, Cover and Hold On technique is considered the best way to protect yourself in an earthquake.

The Feb. 7 ShakeOut drill will be held on the 200th anniversary of the largest of the great New Madrid Earthquakes of 1811 and 1812.

Feb. 5 to Feb. 11, 2012 is also Tennessee’s annual Earthquake Awareness Week.

The states of Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi and Missouri are also participating in the Feb. 7 ShakeOut.

For more information about the New Madrid Seismic Zone and Tennessee’s Earthquake Preparedness visit TEMA’s website at

Greetings Fellow Delta Division Members!

Read by: Martha KJ4RIQ

It is a new year and we start off 2012 with new leadership in our great division. It is indeed an honor and privilege for Vice Director Clayton, W4BDB and I to serve you over the course of the next three years. We both look forward to meeting many of our old friends and make more new ones over the span of our terms in office. Please feel free to share your thoughts on how to best achieve or goals for bettering the ARRL and amateur radio.

Along with attending our first ARRL Board meeting as the Delta division leadership team, Vice Director Clayton and I have been very busy changing over administrative procedures, making new appointments, updating the ARRL Delta Division website, planning our schedules and preparing our representative strategies for realizing the Delta Division’s goals over the next three years. After consulting with Vice Director Clayton, I have thus far made the following appointments for Assistant Director:

Read by: RICK N9GRW

In Tennessee, Randy Smith, KI4OAS who had previously resigned has agreed to come back aboard to represent NW Tennessee. Joe Lowenthaal, WA4OVO has been appointed Assistant Director for the Memphis – North MS area. Our Assistant Director for Youth and 2010 HPM Award winner Emily Bishop, WE4MB remains in her position as do Assistant Directors Steve Waterman, K4CJX, Hank Koebler, N3ORX, both from the Nashville area and Charles Curle, AD4F from the Chattanooga area. Phil Green N4PWG stays on as our Delta Division Webmaster.

In Mississippi, Ed Byrd, KA5VFU from Gulfport will be our representative for the South part of that section. In Louisiana, Keith Barnes, W5KB will be working in the Baton Rouge – New Orleans areas.

Read by: Adam W8IFG

In Arkansas, Dennis Schaefer, W5RZ has decided to return to his previously vacated position, and John Godfrey, KE5NZY of Batesville has accepted his new appointment of Assistant Director. Vice Director Clayton and I are still looking to add one or two more Assistant Directors in East Tennessee and one more each in Louisiana and Mississippi for a good geographic distribution to effectively serve the needs of all our ARRL members and to better gain their input and feedback..

With the resignation of Floyd Gerald, N5FG, I have appointed Dr. Gary Jones, W5FI of Shreveport, LA as the new Delta Division Representative to the DXAC. Dr. Jones brings a great perspective to the committee from both the perspectives of a domestic DXer and that of being DX. Stan Stockton, K5GO continues as CAC representative, Steve Clark, AG4V remains as VUAC representative, Jim Coleman, AI5B returns as the Delta ECAC representative and Amy Bullock, N5TBB stays on as the Delta Division LAP. We feel this team will serve the membership well with their vast experience and expertise.

Read by: Paul KJ4WQN

We plan on having monthly teleconferences with the Delta Division Cabinet as well as Emcomm focused teleconferences as needed, especially during the hurricane and the severe weather seasons. The Delta Division leadership is looking forward to working with our colleagues in our neighboring divisions, especially West Gulf and Southeastern given our mutual risks during the aforementioned severe weather seasons.

Our board meeting in Connecticut last weekend was a great experience for both Director and Vice Director. We attended an orientation and training session on Wednesday, sat in on the standing committee meetings Thursday, and participated in the full Board of Directors meeting Friday and Saturday.

The actual Board of Directors meeting was rather quick yet productive with the highlight being the passing of a motion that allows electronic balloting in ARRL Division elections. The Board also elected a new treasurer Rick Niswander, K7GM replacing Jim McCobb K1LU who is retiring.

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