8th Annual Santa Net

Tony, KF4KFQ will be hosting the 8th annual Santa Net on the 145.23 and associated repeaters. The event will start at 7:00 PM on Christmas Eve. We encourage everyone to check in and let those little hams get on the air to have a QSO with Santa! He is scheduled to transmit from North Pole One!

In addition to Tony, one of Santa’s elves, Bruce will be around to assist. The event is also made possible through Tom’s (K1KY) graciousness in allowing the use of his repeater.

We encourage everyone to participate and let other hams know.

When: Christmas Eve, 12/24
Where: 145.23- (114.80 PL) and associated repeaters
Time: 7:00PM


To make the QSO with Santa special, Tony has requested the following information prior to the Santa Net:

  • The child’s first name (last name is optional)
  • The street or area of residence (general area and not the exact address)
  • Mention any special toys that Santa “knows” he is packing just for them
  • Any other info that would make the child’s QSO from Santa special

Information should be sent via email to tony.proctor@comcast.net.

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