Introduction to Amateur Radio – 1999

The Raleigh Amateur Radio Society (RARS) produced in 1999 a video that showed an introduction to ham radio. While there have been changes since then, such as elimination of the Morse Code requirement, it gives a glimpse on the state of amateur radio at that time.

The video was posted by Gary Pearce (KN4AQ) who is a regular contributor on the TWiT Ham Nation Netcast. From the video description, he writes:

This is a video that Jeff AC4ZO and I made to kick off the first night of Ham Radio license classes for the Raleigh Amateur Radio Society back in 1999. I won’t repeat the title roll at the beginning of the video here, but I’ll give you some background.

It’s a little out of date because some rules have changed (the Morse Code requirement has been totally eliminated). And it’s not the most extensive introduction ever attempted. We show voice and cw on HF, FM voice and a little packet on VHF — the stuff a new ham will be using right away.

BACKGROUND INFO: We shot this in one afternoon, using good consumer-grade Hi-8 cameras. I edited it on a pro Avid Media Composer. So it’s not ARVN (my professional, if low-budget Ham Radio video production company). It’s “pre-ARVN,” which I started in 2004. I guess it was a stepping stone. I was happy to be producing a ham radio video, but I wasn’t happy with the quality of the video, or the “on-camera microphone” audio.

Still, it did the job. It took our class out “into the field” and demonstrated a lot of real-life ham radio in a short time.

Let me know what you think in comments, or e-mail.


Gary KN4AQ

Source: Southgate Amateur Radio Club

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