Regular Club Events

Club Meeting

Come early and socialize with us.

  • When: Third Thursday of every month
  • Where: Lock Two Park (map)
  • Time: 7:00 PM


HF Night

Everyone is invited whether you are interested in making HF contacts or just want to visit. We have made good contacts with our new antenna.

  • When: Second Tuesday of every month
  • Where: Lock Two Park (map)
  • Time: 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

Club Breakfast

The breakfast is open to everyone whether you would like to eat or not. It is a great way to sit down and talk to your fellow members in a relaxing setting.

  • When: First Saturday of every month
  • Where: Ryan Steakhouse, 2151 Gallatin Pike North, Madison (map)
  • Time: 8:00 AM

11 Responses to Regular Club Events

  1. Robert Magalhaes

    Where could I take the technician class exam here in Nashville? Tks, Robert

  2. I have had a Technician license since 1976, what do I need to do to upgrade to General class?

    • The ARRL has a General Class exam study guide available for sale on their web site. There is also an online supplement available for those who purchased the book.

      Gordon West WB6NOA also sells General Class study materials. The study guide book is available and he also offers an audio version of the course if you would rather listen than read.

      UPDATE: Don, since your Technician license is pre-1987, the FCC will grant “grandfather” credit for the General (Element 3) written exam. You will need to bring proof to the VE session in order to receive this credit. More information is on the ARRL Exam Element Credit Rules and Instructions section along with a list of accepted documentation. [Thanks to Russ Ward W4NI for providing this information!]

      I hope this answers your question. Good luck.

  3. Ben

    Any one interested in a Gem Quad antenna? Also, I have a pair of Drake twins, T4XB and T4B with MS4 ps;. The Drakes may need some work since I have not used them in some time.
    Call me Ben, KA4N, 832-4417 or 615 618 5587

  4. To Whom It May Concern
    Hello, I am trying to sell my late fathers Golden Eagles and I thought maybe someone in your organization may be interested in purchasing them or may know of someone that may. Thanks

  5. Alexey Allen

    I do have one question, how does everyone get around the antenna limitation metro codes has?

    17.16.290 Communication accessory uses.
    (Refer to zoning district land use table)
    A. Amateur Radio Antenna. In all residential zone dis- tricts, transmission and reception antennae may be attached
    to a single tower accessory to any residential dwelling. The following restrictions shall apply.
    1. Antennae may be mounted on a single tower or pole, or attached to the dwelling or accessory structure provided only one such support or attachment shall be permitted per lot. Guy wires shall not extend beyond the property boundary.
    2. The maximum height of antennae shall be sixty feet, as measured from finished grade at the base of the support structure.
    3. The tower or pole support shall be located to the rear of the dwelling and shall be set back from all prop- erty lines a distance equal to one-half the height of the entire structure, including antennae.
    B. Multi-Media Production. This use shall be acces- sory to a college or university.
    C. Satellite Dish. In all residential zone districts, a single satellite earth station antenna shall be permitted only as an accessory use to a residential dwelling. A ground-mounted antenna exceeding three and one-half feet in diameter shall be located behind the rear wall of the residence, shall comply with all minimum required setbacks and shall not exceed sixteen feet in height from grade. (Ord. 96-555 ยง 4.4(E), 1997)

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