Family Day!!

Sep 15!!  Come one come all!!  Family Day at Lock Two Park!!
Bring all your non-ham family to meet a commiserate with other non-hams !!

Bring a side dish as the Club will provide hamburgers and hot dogs.


Request for Information

Name: Frank L Hough


Call Sign: K4ICT

Comment: I am looking for the name or call sign of a gentleman in
the Nashville area that produced a series of videos on ham
related articles. I can only remember that his name is “Cliff”
Can anyone point me in the right direction? Please.
Thank you de Fran K4ICT …

Race time fans!!

Well fans it is not ride the fire eagle danger day but it is Charity Ride/Race/What ever  time!!
We have two such named events in the great month of October and wouldn’t know they over lap. This spreads our super duper club mighty thin!

First we have SkyMont Horseback ride (no saging the horses!!) on the 5&6. Then we have Jack & Back on the 6 & 7 th.

Paul is heading Skymont (

Ted is heading Jack & Back (

So come-on down and share some air time with fellow hams and hope we all have a fun time and don’t have to put down some bicycle’s or horse back riders!


if you can’t be an athlete be an athletic supporter!

Repeater Status

Repeater Status.
due to a blown power supply 147.015 & 146.670 repeaters went down. I have repaired the 147.015 repeater for now. I hope to get a replacement power supply to get 146.670 back up before Monday

Maurice Taylor – KJ4ZJL – SK

At the request of Catherine, Maurices sister, attached is a list of Maurices amateur radio equipment along with general descriptions which are believed to be accurate.  All equipment is believed to be in good working order.  

In addition, Maurice’s 2000 (?) Subaru is available for $1,600.00.

Please contact Catherine Taylor at 615-669-1441 regarding this equipment.


Paul, KJ4WQN


Nashville Amateur Radio Club, Inc.

KJ4ZJL Equipment