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TEMA-AUXCOMM Spring 2016 Exercise – Announcement

Subject: TEMA-AUXCOMM Spring 2016 Exercise – Announcement

All-see below for more details on the TEMA (Tennessee Emergency Management Agency) sponsored AUXCOMM (Auxiliary Communications) Spring Exercise 2016.  I participated in the Spring and Fall exercises last year, and it was a great opportunity to learn and train with other amateurs and public safety served agencies.  Please note the deadline for registration is April 21st, 2016.  I am personally looking forward to the Spring exercise and will be assisting in exercise planning and a leadership position as part of the Incident Command System this year.  As a, exercise participant you can expect to train and interact with 100+ amateur radio operators, many of who are also members of public safety and the emergency management community.  Even if you are only able to be onsite for one of the exercise days, that will still be a valuable experience.  Any questions let me know and we can discuss, and also note further links and contact details below.

Thank You,

Jeff Pryor KC8NNO

Nashville Amateur Radio Club/Davidson County ARES


TEMA-AUXCOMM Spring 2016 Exercise


The dates for the TEMA-AUXCOMM Spring 2016 Exercise are May 5th – 8th, 2016. The deadline to register is April 21st, 2016. The exercise will be held at the campus of the Tennessee Fire Service and Codes Enforcement Academy. The physical address for the site is 2161 Unionville – Deason Road, Bell Buckle, TN, 37020

The purpose of this exercise is to test the communications infrastructure between State and local agencies. This exercise is unique in that it invites all Tennessee Amateur Radio operators to participate. It is our desire that you will work with emergency management partners in your community to determine your level of preparedness for a major disaster or loss of critical infrastructure.

Those wishing to stay overnight on campus, or to have their meals provided through the campus cafeteria, will need to contact the academy’s business office in advance to place their reservation. Each participant must cover the cost of their own meals & lodging. The meals are reasonably priced (Breakfast $6, Lunch $8, and Dinner $9), and the rooms are college-dorm style (Cost per night is $63, which includes dinner on the day of check-in, plus breakfast and lunch the following day). The academy’s business office may be reached at 1.931.294.4111 or 1.800.747.8868. Additional information can be found on their website at ***IMPORTANT: Either a meal plan and/or dormitory reservation must be on file at the time of check-in to participate in this exercise (or, with the prior-approval from the Incident Commander)***

Please submit your registration form no later than April 21st, 2016. The link to register is:

Additional information will be shared with registered participants after the registration deadline. Thank you!

Questions and/or concerns may be directed to:

David Wolfe, TEMA (WA4VVX)


Mike Harris, TEMA (N4ULM)

Questions regarding registration may be directed to:

Elizabeth St. Vincent

Certified Communications Unit Leader (TN-COML)
Communications Unit Technician (COMT)
(615) 946-9766 Mobile
(615) 301-1747 Fax



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NARC/DCARES on the air for Engineering Day this weekend

Members of the Nashville Amateur Radio Club and Davidson County Amateur Radio Emergency Service will be on the air for Engineering Day this weekend.  Volunteers will be operating on site at the Adventure Science Center in Nashville TN.  We will be demonstrating Amateur Radio and emergency communications to those in attendance.  If you are able to help make local contacts with visitors attending the Engineering Day event, please tune in to the following:

VHF Primary: 147.0150 MHz PL 114.8 (NARC)
VHF Alternate: 146.6700 MHz PL 114.8 (AF4TZ)
UHF Primary: 442.7500 MHz PL 100.0 (DCARES)
UHF Alternate 442.8000 MHz PL 107.2 (MTEARS)
More info from the Adventure Science Center and Engineering Day:
Jeff Pryor KC8NNO

Christmas Dinner

NARC Members


Don’t forget the club annual Christmas Dinner this year at Ryan’s on Gallatin Rd at 6:00 p.m. on December 17th.  For those who would like to participate, we will be collecting unwrapped gifts for the Salvation Army “Forgotten Angel Program.”  If you can’t make it to the Christmas Dinner you can bring your gift to the November club meeting this Thursday, November 19th at 7:00 p.m.  Please see below for more information on the age groups in need as well as gift suggestions provided by Salvation Army.


Reminder:  2016 Officer Elections will be this Thursday!

The Salvation Army – Forgotten Angel’s program was created to ensure that no child in need in Middle Tennessee is overlooked during the Christmas season.  This program help fills the gap for those children who were unable to register in time (Oct 30) for the Angel Tree program and who are in need this Christmas.

So many children right here in our community go without basic needs and do not experience the magic of Christmastime that we often take for granted. Nashville Amateur Radio Club members can help our community by donating unwrapped gifts to the Forgotten Angels program. Those children who needs are especially great are ages 10 and above and suggested items include: sporting equipment, clothes (size 8 and above), youth books, MP3 players.

Libby Lester/K4HER


Jack & Back

Subject: 2015 Bike MS: Bike to Jack and Back – Amateur Radio Volunteer Signup


Message from Jeff KC8NNO regarding the upcoming Jack and Back event:

All-the annual Jack and Back event is just over a month away. Thanks to all who have already volunteered and registered. If you have not yet registered and are able to volunteer for this great event, please visit the link below. We have a number of locations, roles and opportunities where you can be of service. I’m also planning to incorporate APRS for location tracking during the event, please indicate if you have a mobile radio with that capability, or even APRS capable via mobile phone apps. There is also an opportunity for those interested to further participate in ARRL SET (Simulated Emergency Test) activity while in the field during the Saturday portion of the event. Thank you all for your consideration to help support this event. Jeff KC8NNO

2015 Bike MS: Bike to Jack and Back – Amateur Radio Volunteer Signup

Event Information:

2015 Bike MS: Bike to Jack and Back
Date: October 3rd and 4th, 2015
Location: Page High School – Franklin, TN to Motlow Community College – Lynchburg, TN

Amateur Radio Volunteer Signup information:

Please fill out and submit the following form to let us know how you are best able to serve during the event:

Additional questions may be directed to Jeff Pryor KC8NNO via email at

Field Day 2014 Preparations

We’re heading into the final count – down for Field Day 2014. I’m sure you all know by now that we have quite a few things set up for this year. We will be having displays set up from the Tennessee Hwy. Patrol, the Sheriff’s Dept., the Weather Service, OEM, CERT, and we’ll be having some members of the Metro Council visit.

But don’t forget what the day is all about. We will be having radio stations set up and we need volunteers to man those stations. We’ll have a CW station, phone stations, and a GOTA station. Everyone and I mean everyone, no matter what your experience on the radio can get in some radio time. The GOTA station is a perfect opportunity for new hams or someone who doesn’t have a license at all. So bring out your family and let them get on the air too.

Remember this event is opened to the public so invite friends, families and neighbors to tour the displays, get on the air and get an idea of what amateur radio can and does do for them in time of emergency. I understand it might rain but remember emergencies don’t just happen in good weather!

We’ll be having some food for everyone. The club will provide some of this but, we are asking members to help with side dishes or desserts. If you are planning on bringing something if you could let me know that would help me a lot. You know try and keep from having 10 bowls of potato salad!

No matter how much time you can spend we hope you come and check things out. Most of the displays will only be there from about 12 noon to 4pm but, we’ll be there for the whole 24 hours.

We need help with set up starting at about 8am Saturday and tear down on Sunday.

Please, I encourage every member to come out and help make this the best Field Day ever.

Thanks to you all.

CERT Training Available

The Nashville Office of Emergency Management is offering training in the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) program on September 14 and 21 from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. (Students must complete both days to complete the training). Anyone interested must register by emailing Angela Roscoe at OEM, or by calling 615-862-8530.

More information is on the Office of Emergency Management web site. A CERT brochure is also available.

CERT Training Class

The Nashville Office of Emergency Management still has some space available in the FREE Community Emergency Response Team training which starts this Saturday, May 4th and continues next Saturday May 11th. Class will be held from 8am – 4pm each day at South Police Precinct at 5101 Harding Place.

The Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) is a program to train citizens from the community who can work together during large scale disasters to assist their neighborhood and surrounding areas affected. This training program includes classroom lectures and a lot of hands on activities. The training concludes with a simulated disaster situation that the class will need to work through as a team by combining everything they learned in the class.

Citizens will learn:

  • disaster preparedness,
  • how to cut off utilities,
  • how to physically put out small fires, (yes…you will put out a fire yourself!)
  • how to administer disaster first aid,
  • how to safely search for and rescue victims,
  • how to organize themselves and collect disaster intelligence to support first responder efforts.
  • much much more!

We have trained the young and the young at heart, church groups, community groups, businesses, teenage groups and everyone in-between.

Space is limited for this next class; to register please email Angela Roscoe ( or Heidi Mariscal ( or call 862-8530 to register before Thursday May 2nd.

Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you this Saturday!

Winter Preparedness

Deutsch: Logo Amerikanisches Rotes Kreuz
American Red Cross Logo (credit: Wikipedia)

Winter weather can be hazardous. The cold temperatures can cause hypothermia and frostbite that can be life threatening. Cathy KK4IWN would like everyone to be winter weather aware with a presentation she gave in the last club meeting. She has provided the presentation slides along with an American Red Cross Preparedness Guide to help everyone stay safe during the winter months. More information on preparing for severe weather can be found in their Gateway-to-Recovery Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) website for the Donelson-Hermitage area.

Neighborhood HamWatch

Neighborhood HamWatchOne aspect of amateur radio has been providing communications during emergencies. The Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) provides assistance in public service and emergency communications.

To those who are unable to deploy during emergencies but still want to be able to make a contribution using their skills and capabilities, Neighborhood HamWatch offers a way to help their neighbor and the emergency recovery effort. Operating from home or work, amateur radio operators whose personal health, physical condition, family needs, work requirements, or other factors that limit their ability to deploy during emergencies can still participate.

Neighborhood HamWatch is built upon three tiers of action:

  1. Neighborhood radio operators can get on their radios and talk to each other – amateur radio operators can break the barrier of silence.
  2. Neighborhood radio operators can contact government Emergency Operations Centers (EOC) – amateur radio operators can describe local neighborhood conditions and special needs to the proper emergency managers.
  3. Specially equipped Hams can send short messages – amateur radio operators can send messages to families outside the disaster zone through the Amateur Radio National Traffic System or via WinLink.

More information, along with a guide to getting started, can be found on the Neighborhood HamWatch website.