Request for Help from Harvey

Hello Paul, this is Joe McKeon KM4UGQ (Technician) , a new member to the club.


I was thinking that the HAMS might be able to help me out.  The situation is High Priority.

I am a FEMA Flood inspector and have been assigned to help people in the Beaumont Texas, Orange Texas, etc.. area.  My problem is that communications there is very “sketch” and the people who have flooded homes are not really able to give me much information.

Flooded homeowners assigned to me have told me the electric substation has been flooded and it may be weeks or a month before power is restored.  Interstate I-10 in many places is under water. (Similar to I-40 Nashville in 2010).

I have not gone there yet but will be leaving Nashville on Thursday Morning early heading to Houston via the Dallas access roads.  Going the short way thru Mississippi then west on I-10 is not open in many places.

Next, Hurricane Irma is a monster!  It is going to cross over the Florida Keys into the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday.  IT IS A CATEGORY 5!!!!   Katrina was CATEGORY 4.  If it hits the Gulf Coast it is “GAME OVER” for weeks.

Here is the help I need from HAMS, and only HAMS can do it!  I need information. As a Technician, I am limited on distance.  I need the following.

My plan is to put my small truck camper on the back of my pickup truck and locate in Beaumont area, and not waste time driving 110 miles both ways each day to get back to the west side of Houston.  In the 3-4 hours it would take me to drive that , I could inspect 1 or two more houses.   I need to inspect all the houses possible before Irma causes evacuations.  I can then take those inspections and return to Nashville where I will write them up and submit them so the people can get money quickly.  Once Irma hits, People who are already flooded out of their homes by Hurricane Harvey are going to endure incredible hardship finding a place to live.  Their jobs are gone, no money coming in, only the clothes on their back, etc…   I need to maximize the time spent inspecting, NOT DRIVING TO AND FROM HOUSTON.

So here is what I need from the HAMS if they can pull it off.

I need to locate a Church, School, Home, etc…   Where I can park at night, take a shower, and use a little electricity to run the AC electric on my truck camper so I can use my computer and printer.    I have not been able to get thru on the landlines because they are down, people with cell phones are far away or are traumatized and can not help.

If the HAMS can get on the air with other HAMS in the area and find out where I can park at night, it would be possible the biggest contribution to getting those poor people insurance money.  I expect, if I stay close to Beaumont next week, I can probably inspect an additional 10-15 homes before having to evacuate.

Knowing HAMS, and being one, I think this is a super cool project.  Unfortunately, I can only transmit on frequencies that are local repeaters and simplex.

Please put the word out for me.

My email for responses will be  or 615-300-6183.

Thanks for your help.

Joe McKeon  KM4UGQ

NARC/DCARES on the air for Engineering Day this Saturday Feb 25th

Members of the Nashville Amateur Radio Club and Davidson County Amateur Radio Emergency Service will be on the air for Engineering Day this weekend.  Volunteers will be operating on site at the Adventure Science Center in Nashville TN.  The primary time for local on air activity will be on Saturday, February 25th between 10 AM and 3 PM local time.  We will be demonstrating Amateur Radio and emergency communications to those in attendance.  If you are able to help make local contacts with visitors attending the Engineering Day event, please tune in to the following:

VHF Primary: 147.0150 MHz PL 114.8 (NARC)
UHF Alternate: 442.7500 MHz PL 100.0 (DCARES)
We will also have HF capability and will most likely be in the 20 meter band.
More info from the Adventure Science Center and Engineering Day:
Jeff Pryor KC8NNO

From our illustrious vice president

Planning for #SWAD2017 is well underway! Mark February 25th on your calendar and look for registration to begin toward the end of January!

Posted by US National Weather Service Nashville Tennessee on Monday, January 9, 2017

ARRL TN Section PIC News Jan 2017

Happy New Year!!!

A new year, new events, and a time to look back at some of the great things that Amateur Radio Operators accomplished as 2016 came to a close.

The ARRL TN Section PIC News provides an overview of some of the activities that took place in our TN Section. Check out the list of VE Sessions! There are a LOT taking place in the next few months- a perfect opportunity to encourage someone you know to get their Amateur Radio license, or to upgrade your own license to start enjoying the increased privileges that an upgrade brings! We have also included a list of many local Nets that you can participate in on a regular basis, or as a visitor if you are just passing through the area.

You can access the ARRL TN Section PIC News by clicking the link below, or by opening the attached .pdf document that has been included for your convenience.

Please pass this on to your club members, and to anyone you believe would be interested in reading about some of the Amateur Radio activities taking place in the ARRL TN Section.

Wishing all a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2017,


Catherine “Cathy” Goodrich, KK4IWN
(Cell)  860-916-0151
ARRL Public Information Coordinator
Tennessee Section 
ARRL, the national association for Amateur Radio®
If you would like to share information about your Club’s upcoming meetings or events, please send the details to for inclusion in the Monthly ARRL TN Section PIC News (if received at least one week prior to the first of the month), or in a separate communication if received after the timeline for the publication.
If you would like to subscribe or unsubscribe to the ARRL TN Section PIC updates, please email to be added or removed from the distribution list.

Call for Bike to Jack and Back

Paul-please send to the NARC/DCARES membership, Lee-please post on the website and facebook:
All-Final call for Bike to Jack and Back ham volunteers.  Don’t miss out of the opportunity to help out at this premiere two day public service event, just over a week away Saturday October 1st and Sunday October 2nd.  We already have a good crew of volunteers confirmed but could always put a few more folks to work.  Even if you only have partial availability or would like to pair up with another volunteer at a rest stop, this is great experience to get out your equipment and practice communications in the field.  Free event T-shirt and Saturday night BBQ dinner await all volunteers.  If you are still looking to hop on board, please confirm your further details via the registration link below by the evening of Monday, Saturday26th.
Thanks, Jeff KC8NNO
Bike MS: Bike to Jack and Back
Travels Williamson, Rutherford, Bedford, and Moore counties.
Saturday and Sunday Oct 1st-2nd
Ham Contact: Jeff Pryor KC8NNO

Technician class

Have you ever wanted to stalk the wild DX? Does your den need new wall paper? To find the answer to theses questions and many others come and join the NARC (Nashville Amateur Radio Club) Technician Class.

Starting Aug 13th at Lock Two park 08:00am till 12:00 for 4 weekends. Testing soon to follow!!

Come be a Ham, beat the SWR into shape!! Form antennas from oddball items and discuss there properties!!


MTRAS Balloon Launch from Dickson TN – Saturday, April 9th

Subject: MTRAS Balloon Launch from Dickson TN – Saturday, April 9th
All-Carlton KI4NHK ( has shared the below details for the upcoming Middle Tennessee Robotic Arts Society (MTRAS) Amateur Radio Balloon Launch.  The launch will take place from Dickson TN onSaturday, April 9th, 2016.  We spoke with Carlton about this launch at the Engineering Day event at the Adventure Science Center earlier this year.  The amateur radio payload will contain an APRS tracker as well as 2 Meter and 70 cm Foxhunt beacons.  The group is sponsoring a Foxhunt contest for the individual/team to locate the payload in the least mileage.  The balloon and payload will be expected to drift east and over the greater Nashville area.  I plan to participate as long as my schedule allows.  For those helping with other commitments or can not make the launch in person, check out the balloon progress on APRS, as well as give a listen for the foxhunt beacon transmitters.
Thank You,
Jeff Pryor KC8NNO
Nashville Amateur Radio Club/Davidson County ARES
Message from Carlton KI4NHK (
Hi Jeff,
MTRAS Near Space Amateur Radio Balloon Info
Launch Saturday April 9th 2016 (if fly-able weather)

setup and registration at 8AM
Planned balloon release and start of mobile Foxhunt 9AM
APRS on 144.390MHz
Foxhunt Beacon Primary 146.565MHz CW on FM
Foxhunt Beacon Secondary 433.97388MHz beacon
Launch Location Planned:
Oak avenue Church of Christ across from Dickson county High School.
115 Oak Avenue 
Dickson,TN 37055
Primary Repeater and Talk-In
White Bluff 147.375 PL 114.8
After launch, if flight moves out of range move to MTEARS
There will be a Foxhunt contest to find payload in the least mileage without using any APRS with 2 categories.  1st individual fox-hunters, 2nd group foxhunting.   No fee to enter but must be at the start.  Married couples in the same vehicle will get to choose to be in either group…. So Bring the XYL.   Winners by least mileage in each category will win a gift card.  If 2 fox-hunters in a category are less then 1.5 miles difference first to find wins.


2016-04-09 @ 09:00 CDT
To Launch: MTRAS2-Balloon
Website: None given
Telemetry: APRS: 144.390Mhz,
Site: Oak Ave CoC, Dickson, TN, USA
Coords: 36.0838, -87.3871  Grid: EM66HC
Contact: Carlton Corbitt
This is a 3, 1500g balloon cluster
2 payloads, FoxHunt on 146.565MHz Morse Code on FM, Cameras on both payloads, and parachute return experiment, 433.97388MHz backup beacon, accelerameter position experiment

Save the date(s)…2016 Ham Radio Public Service events in Middle TN

Subject: Save the date(s)…2016 Ham Radio Public Service events in Middle TN
All-the 2016 Ham Radio Public Service events season is upon us in Middle Tennessee.  In the Nashville Amateur Radio Club and Davidson County ARES we have a number of great events and organizations to support.  Here is a run down of expected events and dates to make note, with initial details and current contact info.  I have included a couple additional events including a Williamson County event in which I assisted last year.  I also included an event coordinated by Michael KI4UJY from Moore County who helped with Jack and Back last year, he has invited and welcoming additional volunteers at the ERV 100 event.  Please consider providing your support and valuable services to our communities, and also great exercise and practice using our communication skills.
Thank You,
Jeff Pryor KC8NNO
Nashville Amateur Radio Club/Davidson County ARES
Walk MS: Middle TN 2016 [Davidson County/Nashville]
Saturday April 9th, 2016
Ham Group: Nashville Amateur Radio Club (Contact: Ted KM4JDM)
Big Hill Challenge (Cycling) [Wilson County/Watertown]
Saturday, June 11th, 2016
Ham Group: Nashville Amateur Radio Club
Harpeth River Ride [Williamson County/Franklin]
Saturday, June 25th, 2016
Ham Group: Williamson County ARES (
Elk River Valley ERV 100 [Coffee County/Tullahoma]
Sunday, August 28th, 2016
Ham Contact: Michael KI4UJY
Tennessee CF Cycle for Life 2016 [Williamson County/Thompson’s Station]
Saturday, September 17th, 2016
Ham Group: Nashville Amateur Radio Club
Bike MS: Jack and Back 2016 [Williamson County/Moore County-Lynchburg]
Saturday, October 1st and Sunday, October 2nd, 2016
Ham Group: Nashville Amateur Radio Club (Contact: Jeff KC8NNO)