Program Note for this upcoming Thursday, May 19th at the Nashville Amateur Radio Club monthly meeting:

Jeff Pryor KC8NNO will present “A Comparison of Amateur Radio Digital Voice Systems”.  The focus will be on Digital Voice modes in use in VHF/UHF ham radio communications (P25, D-STAR, DMR, NXDN, System Fusion). Discussion topics will include a Digital Voice overview and technical comparison of the different modes, as well as a summary of operational features, programmability and radio choices.  Digital Voice networks will also be covered, and how the various modes are working together and continue to evolve, as well as a summary of Digital Voice repeaters active in Middle Tennessee.  The presentation will also include equipment demonstrations as well as conclude with a question and answer session.

WCARES University


My name is Tim Kreth, AD4CJ, and I am with the Williamson County ARES (WCARES).

We are having our annual license classes starting in just one month. They will run for 5 consecutive Saturday mornings from 0800-1230 at the Williamson County Administration Building in Franklin. The dates are February 6,13,20,27, and March 5. The Nashville VE team will have a VE session on March 12, 2016.

We have a few slots left open for the technician and general class courses, if any of your members are interested. There is a link to sign up for the courses at

We call our courses WCARES University, and have been teaching for the past 8 years. We have a great group of Elmers and Instructors, and welcome any of your members.


Tim, AD4CJ

HF Night

When:   Saturday, November 14, 2015  12pm-9pm

Where:  Lock Two Park

Who:     Everyone/Anyone

Why:     Ha! Why not?

Join us for a day on the radio. If you’re new to HF, this is a great chance to get some “hands on” experience. If you’ve been around longer than others, this would be an opportunity to share some of your knowledge and experience with those less experienced and trying to expand or hone their skills. Other than meetings, this will be the last event of the year before the clubhouse closes for the winter months.
Hang out, ask questions, log some contacts and enjoy the hobby!

Refreshments will be provided.


Chris Holden
Vice President
Nashville Amateur Radio Club

Properly Adjust and Use a Vibroplex Bug

Jim WB8SIW has posted this YouTube video on a Vibroplex bug. He states:

The Vibroplex “Bug,” also known as a “semi-automatic” key or “speed key,” has gained a poor reputation amongst some radio amateurs because many who try to use the device have not learned how to properly adjust and manipulate it. When properly adjusted and manipulated, a bug is capable of producing good, clean, well balanced Morse. This video provides a brief set of instructions on how to properly adjust and use a bug.

If you are new to using a Vibroplex bug or an equivalent device, it is strongly recommended that you follow the adjustment steps and practice recommendations outlined in this video. This will aid you as you develop the proper technique needed to be a first-class radiotelegraph or Morse operator.