Ham Quest !!

Ham Quest!!!

It is coming so you had better come too!

July 30th !!
Yes your XYL said ‘NO NEW EQUIPMENT” ok what about “OLD” equipment?? Buy, Sale, or Trade (no stealing!! besides ever seen a Ham run??)

HamQuest Flyer ver 3_3

K4CPO – 2016 Field Day Registration Form

K4CPO Nashville Amateur Radio Club Field Day will take place at Lock Two Park in Nashville, Tennessee on Saturday, June 24th and Sunday June 25th.  Please register your planned attendance, capabilities and interests.  Our 24 hour operating period will be between Saturday, June 25th 1:00 PM CDTthrough Sunday, June 26th 1:00 PM CDT.  Please register by Wednesday, June 15th.  Contact Ted Pennington KM4JDM or Jeff Pryor KC8NNO with any questions.

This is the K4CPO Nashville Amateur Radio Club 2016 Field Day Registration Form <<Click here