HF Day!!

HF days are being put together on an as-desired basis, and we may start taking sign ups to ensure we have folks showing up.

Want to talk on HF but have a few limitations like License or Rig? Then come on out Saturday to the club house. HF rig & Extra class ham (TBA) will be there. Even if your just a Technician you too can work the ‘Wild DX’ !!  From  1200 – 1800  (noon to 6pm, pizza shows up when you bring it!!)

Coming Up this Month!!

Coming up this month
Apr: 09 MS Walk http://main.nationalmssociety.org/site/TR?fr_id=27189
Apr: 16 1200-1800 HF Day at the Club House
Apr: 23 Tailgate PARTY!!!!! 0700 !!
Oh yea meeting on the 21first or something like that!