MTRAS Balloon Launch from Dickson TN – Saturday, April 9th

Subject: MTRAS Balloon Launch from Dickson TN – Saturday, April 9th
All-Carlton KI4NHK ( has shared the below details for the upcoming Middle Tennessee Robotic Arts Society (MTRAS) Amateur Radio Balloon Launch.  The launch will take place from Dickson TN onSaturday, April 9th, 2016.  We spoke with Carlton about this launch at the Engineering Day event at the Adventure Science Center earlier this year.  The amateur radio payload will contain an APRS tracker as well as 2 Meter and 70 cm Foxhunt beacons.  The group is sponsoring a Foxhunt contest for the individual/team to locate the payload in the least mileage.  The balloon and payload will be expected to drift east and over the greater Nashville area.  I plan to participate as long as my schedule allows.  For those helping with other commitments or can not make the launch in person, check out the balloon progress on APRS, as well as give a listen for the foxhunt beacon transmitters.
Thank You,
Jeff Pryor KC8NNO
Nashville Amateur Radio Club/Davidson County ARES
Message from Carlton KI4NHK (
Hi Jeff,
MTRAS Near Space Amateur Radio Balloon Info
Launch Saturday April 9th 2016 (if fly-able weather)

setup and registration at 8AM
Planned balloon release and start of mobile Foxhunt 9AM
APRS on 144.390MHz
Foxhunt Beacon Primary 146.565MHz CW on FM
Foxhunt Beacon Secondary 433.97388MHz beacon
Launch Location Planned:
Oak avenue Church of Christ across from Dickson county High School.
115 Oak Avenue 
Dickson,TN 37055
Primary Repeater and Talk-In
White Bluff 147.375 PL 114.8
After launch, if flight moves out of range move to MTEARS
There will be a Foxhunt contest to find payload in the least mileage without using any APRS with 2 categories.  1st individual fox-hunters, 2nd group foxhunting.   No fee to enter but must be at the start.  Married couples in the same vehicle will get to choose to be in either group…. So Bring the XYL.   Winners by least mileage in each category will win a gift card.  If 2 fox-hunters in a category are less then 1.5 miles difference first to find wins.


2016-04-09 @ 09:00 CDT
To Launch: MTRAS2-Balloon
Website: None given
Telemetry: APRS: 144.390Mhz,
Site: Oak Ave CoC, Dickson, TN, USA
Coords: 36.0838, -87.3871  Grid: EM66HC
Contact: Carlton Corbitt
This is a 3, 1500g balloon cluster
2 payloads, FoxHunt on 146.565MHz Morse Code on FM, Cameras on both payloads, and parachute return experiment, 433.97388MHz backup beacon, accelerameter position experiment

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