Up coming Events

Our up coming events are

September 12, 2015 CF Bike Ride. If interested in more information please contact Ted Pennington KM4JDM at tedpenn@me.com or 615-483-9868.

September 12, 2015 Makers Fair at the Adventure Science Center. Hours are from 10am to 4pm. Contact Russ Ward W4NI at w4ni@arrl.net

September 19, 2015 Fall Tailgate and Family Day

October 2 and 3, 2015 Skymont Horse Ride.

October 3 and 4, 2015 Jack and Back Bike Ride

Some of theses events are on the same day or cross over a weekend so we will need as many as we can get!!

Monthly Meeting Minutes

Nashville Amateur Radio Club July 16, 2015 Meeting

The July 16, 2015 regular monthly meeting of the Nashville Amateur Radio Club was called to
order by President Jerry Hedgcoth, KE4ETY at 7pm.
There were 14 members present.
A finance report was given by Treasurer Larry Franklin KC4ZOA
Jerry thanked all who participated in Field Day in any way and gave the final report.
We had a total of 621 QSO’s, 45 people attended, 10 GOTA operators, and with other things
such as all emergency power, inviting government officers, and the displays of the Sherriff
Dept. and the Tn. Highway Patrol it brought our total points to 2974.

The CF Bike Ride will be September 12, 2015. If anyone would like to learn to co-ordinate this
event please contact President Jerry Hedgcoth at ke4ety@bellsouth.net.
The Jack and Back Bike Ride will be Saturday and Sunday October 3 – 4, 2015.

The final vote for changing the wording of the constitution to clarify when the nominations for
officers is officially closed was made.

A motion to make the change was made by George Jackson KC4TMV and was seconded by Paul
Stinson KJ4WQN. Motion carried.

Russ Ward W4NI stated there will be a license testing session on September 12, 2015 given by
the Nashville VE Team at Crieve Hall Church of Christ on Trousdale Lane Nashville Tn at 9am.
There will be a Maker’s Fair at the Adventure Science Center on September 12, 2015 from 10am
to 4pm. If you would like to help contact Russ Ward at w4ni@arrl.net

The July ARES meeting will be on July 21, 2015 at 7pm. They will be working on antennas for a

Fox Hunt to take place on Saturday July 25. There will be a limit of 12 people. If interested

contact Paul Stinson at kj4wqn@arrl.net.

Lee Alder KK4SXX presented a program explaining the loggin program the club used at Field
Day. This allow all stations to feed in to one router making it easier to keep actuate count of
contacts. Thanks Lee.

Motion was made to close the meeting by Paul Stinson; seconded by George Jackson. Meeting
closed at 7:50.

Minutes Prepared by Martha Frederick kj4riq