April Minutes

Meeting Date: 4/16/15

Location: Club House

2560 Lock Two Rd.

Meeting Time: 7:05 p.m.

Meeting End Time: 8:05


April 2015 Monthly Meeting Minutes

6:05 P.M. – Opening Call to Order by Jerry Hedgcoth/KE4ETY President, Nashville Amateur Radio

Club April Monthly Meeting. 61 members and guests in attendance.

Minutes were taken by Libby Lester/K4HER, Secretary.

A motion to approve the Minutes of the March 2015 meeting was given by Martha

Fredrick/KJ4RIQ and seconded by George Jackson/KC4MTU.

No finance report.

Paul Stinson officiated the 2015 oath of office for Larry Franklin/KC4ZOA, Treasurer.

Jerry Hedgcoth announced that April 16th is the last day to get orders in for Field Day Shirts.

Jerry asked for volunteers to sign up for upcoming events. The events are:

June 13th – Big Hill Challenge

June 27 & 28 – AARL Field Day

Jerry introduced Angie Lese, Science & Operation Officer for the Nashville National Weather

Service who provided a training session on 2015 SKYWARNTM Spotter Training. The course


 Basics of thunderstorm development

 Fundamentals of storm structure

 Identifying potential severe weather features

 Information to report

 How to report information

 Basic severe weather safety

At the conclusion of the training the meeting was adjourned at 8:05 p.m.

Club Events coming up

Club Members:
The Nashville Amateur Radio Club over the decades has achieved a proud record of giving back to the community at large by providing communications and other support to a number of worthwhile causes.  This  helps us to gain experience in field operation and traffic handling.  Additionally, it provides an opportunity for club members to get better acquainted and share thoughts.
We are in the midst of our “busy season” .  The following events are coming up:
Sat., June 13-Big Hill Challenge
Sat. and Sun. June 27 & 28  ARRL Field Day
Sat., Sept. 12-Cystic Fibrosis Bike Ride
Fri. and Sat., Oct. 2 & 3– Skymont Horse Ride
Sat. & Sun. , Oct. 3 & 4– MS Jack n Back Bike Ride
Sat., Oct. 17, Jamboree On The Air, Scouts
Club members are encouraged to participate in these activities.  Please look over your schedules and be part of this ongoing public service.
Tnx and 73,
Jerry Hedgcoth, KE4ETY
Nashville Amateur Radio Club, Inc.