Field Day 2014 Preparations

We’re heading into the final count – down for Field Day 2014. I’m sure you all know by now that we have quite a few things set up for this year. We will be having displays set up from the Tennessee Hwy. Patrol, the Sheriff’s Dept., the Weather Service, OEM, CERT, and we’ll be having some members of the Metro Council visit.

But don’t forget what the day is all about. We will be having radio stations set up and we need volunteers to man those stations. We’ll have a CW station, phone stations, and a GOTA station. Everyone and I mean everyone, no matter what your experience on the radio can get in some radio time. The GOTA station is a perfect opportunity for new hams or someone who doesn’t have a license at all. So bring out your family and let them get on the air too.

Remember this event is opened to the public so invite friends, families and neighbors to tour the displays, get on the air and get an idea of what amateur radio can and does do for them in time of emergency. I understand it might rain but remember emergencies don’t just happen in good weather!

We’ll be having some food for everyone. The club will provide some of this but, we are asking members to help with side dishes or desserts. If you are planning on bringing something if you could let me know that would help me a lot. You know try and keep from having 10 bowls of potato salad!

No matter how much time you can spend we hope you come and check things out. Most of the displays will only be there from about 12 noon to 4pm but, we’ll be there for the whole 24 hours.

We need help with set up starting at about 8am Saturday and tear down on Sunday.

Please, I encourage every member to come out and help make this the best Field Day ever.

Thanks to you all.