Information Net for November 11

Antenna Projects

Read by: RICK N9GRW

If you don’t have an antenna up for 10 meters, here are some antenna projects for you to try and see what all the 10 meter fuss is about. This winter looks to be a good one for 10 meters, so put up a simple antenna and work some great stuff! Remember, Technicians can use 10 meters, too! And with the ARRL 10 Meter Contest coming up December 14-15, opportunities to work a LOT of DX this season are every-where!

No room at your house or apartment for an antenna? A 10 meter dipole is less than 17 feet long and can be thrown up into a tree in a park or a family member’s back yard temporarily for a couple hours of DX fun.


Here are some 10 meter antenna ideas: if you want the instructions send George an e-mail with “antennas” in the subject line:

  • A simple non-directional antenna for 10 meters for limited space
  • 2-element yagi for 10 meters
  • A bit more complex: A short, 3-element beam for 10 meters
  • A four-band vertical for the Novice (includes 10 meters)
  • You can also put a 10 meter ham-stick on the roof of your car and operate mobile from almost any parking lot.

Give one of these projects some consideration and get in on the 10 meter fun this winter!
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Information Net for November 4

Regulatory: FCC Turns Away Petition to Expand Technician 10 Meter Privileges


The FCC has dismissed a Petition for Rule Making that sought to expand Technicianprivileges in the 10 meter band. The Toledo Mobile Radio Association (TMRA) had asked the Commission last June to expand the spectrum available to Technician licensees on 10 meters to include operating privileges in the FM portion of the band, from 29.520 to 29.700 MHz. Novice and Technician licensees now may operate on 10 meters from 28.000 to 28.500 MHz.”We conclude that TMRA has not presented grounds for the Commission to revisit the question of operating privileges for Technician class licensees,” the FCC said October 17 in denying the petition. The FCC said that Technicians may transmit through repeaters licensed to a General class or higher licensee that have an output channel in the 29.5 to 29.7 MHz segment, as long as the repeater has a 2 meter or 70 centimeter input.
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