Information Net for October 29

Get Ready for the 7th Annual ARRL On-Line Auction

Read by: RICK N9GRW

American Radio Relay League
American Radio Relay League (credit: Wikipedia)

The Seventh Annual ARRL On-Line Auction opened for preview on Tuesday, October 16, and will open for bidding at 10 AM EDT (1400 UTC) on Thursday, October 25. According to ARRL On-Line Auction Coordinator Lisa Tardette, KB1MOI, there is a large assortment of ARRL Product Review items, including an Elecraft KPA500 HF/6 meter power amplifier, an ICOM IC-7410 HF/6 meter transceiver, a Yaesu FT-450D HF 6 meter transceiver, a Kenwood TM-281A 2 meter FM transceiver and an MFJ-998 RT and MFJ-994BRT remote auto antenna tuner.

The ARRL On-Line Auction also features a wide assortment of books, including ARRL Handbooks from the 1920s and 1930s — most notably, a first edition of the 1926 Radio Amateur’s Handbook — and a set of three first-day-of-issue covers of the 1964 5-cent stamp highlighting Amateur Radio (see an image of a stamp here).
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Information Net for October 22

LST-325 Runs Aground On Its Way Back to Evansville


LST-325 on the Cumberland River (credt: James DeVillez)

KENTUCKY (WFIE) – On Tuesday, LST 325 remains stuck on the Cumberland River after running aground Monday night.

The ship was supposed to be back to its home port of Evansville on Tuesday, but crews say it’s taking longer than expected to tow the ship into deeper water.

Officials say the ship is still located near Kuttawa, Kentucky where the Coast Guard tried to free the ship by using a tugboat.

Crews worked throughout the night until about three Monday morning.
There are authorities still monitoring the ship, but it’s the locals that are just trying to get a glimpse of something they say they’ve never seen before.

“It’s huge. How could he miss the channel that much and it’s heartbreaking to see it out there,” Evansville resident Mike Sanford said.

“You just don’t see this type of boat out here,” Richard Sinnett, a local resident, said.

Sinnett was one of many locals that took their boat out to get a closer look of the grounded LST 325. He says according to the depth gauge on his boat, the ship is likely in four feet or less of water.
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Information Net for October 15

ARLS005 Space Station Deploys Five CubeSats


Computer simulated image of AAU CubeSat in orb...
Computer simulated image of AAU CubeSat in orbit around Earth (credit: Wikipedia)

Five research CubeSats – all with Amateur Radio communication systems – were successfully deployed from the International Space Station beginning around 1430 UTC on the 5th of October. The satellites were launched from the Kibo station module using a specially equipped robotic arm.

The group includes:
TechEdSat, a collaboration among NASA’s Ames Research Center; San Jose State University; the Swedish National Space Board (SNSB) and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), will be sending AX.25 packet telemetry at 437.465 MHz. The TechEdSat team is asking for assistance from amateurs in decoding and relaying data. Follow the mission on their Twitter page at, More information about decoding and submitting packet data is available on their Reddit announcement.


FITSAT-1, designed and built at the Fukuoka Institute of Technology, Japan, will test the feasibility of high-speed microwave data downlinks in low Earth orbit. It will transmit telemetry on 437.445 MHz and 5.84 GHz. They welcome signal reports from amateurs at their website at,

WE WISH, from the Meisei Electric Company Radio Club, Japan, will send CW telemetry and occasional SSTV images at 437.505 MHz.

RAIKO, designed and built by students at Wakayama University, Japan, will transmit high-speed data at 2.2 and 13 GHz.

F-1, built by students at FPT University in Hanoi, Vietnam will send telemetry at 145.980 and 437.485 MHz using 1200-baud packet and CW. Amateurs are asked to monitor and submit reports. More information can be found at

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New Location for Photos

I ran out of room on Flickr to upload photos. Flickr only shows the last 200 photos that was uploaded unless a subscription is purchased. Fortunately, Google+ allows an unlimited number of uploads and I created a new page for the club. Make sure to follow us to the new site. We posted the 2012 Jack and Back and USS LST-325 photos there.

Information Net for October 8

Button Battery Safety

Read by: RICK N9GRW

CR2450 battery & holder
CR2450 battery & holder (credit: Wikipedia)

Did You Know

  • The coin-sized batteries children swallow come from many devices, most often mini remote controls. Other places you may find them are: singing greeting cards, watches, bathroom scales, and flameless candles.
  • It takes as little as two hours to cause severe burns once a coin-sized lithium battery has been swallowed.
  • Once burning begins, damage can continue even after the battery is removed.


  • Kids can still breathe with the coin lithium battery in their throats. It may not be obvious at first that something is wrong.
  • Repairing the damage is painful and can require multiple surgeries.
  • The batteries can become lodged in the throat, burning the esophogus.
  • In 2010 alone, more than 3,400 swallowing cases were reported in the U.S. 19 children sustained life-threatening or debilitating injuries and others died!

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Fedora Linux and Ham Radio

The Fedora Project logo
The Fedora Project logo (credit: Wikipedia)

Whether you are currently running Linux or interested in switching from Windows or Mac, finding amateur radio related applications that would run in a new operating system can be a challenge. The Red Hat sponsored Fedora Project has posted an interview with Eric “Sparks” Christensen where he shared his experience running amatuer radio tools currently available in the Fedora distribution. The Fedora Documentation Project has also put together an Amateur Radio Guide with descriptions and screenshots of several applications.

If you would like to get involved in adding more amateur radio software to Fedora, you can join their Amateur Radio Special Interest Group (SIG).

Information Net for October 1

Health Department Offers Fast Track Flu Shot Clinic

Read by:ED KE4JWS

Flu fight taken to schools
Flu fight taken to schools (Photo credit: Engage for Education)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – It’s never too early to prepare for the flu season, and the Metro Public Health Department is trying to get ahead of it by offering a Fast Track Flu Shot Clinic.

Health officials said they have received their full shipment of flu vaccine and starting Monday through Friday, September 28, they will offer shots in the Lentz Health Center auditorium at 311 23rd Avenue North.

Flu shots will be offered on a walk-in basis throughout the fall and winter. No appointment is necessary.

The flu shot offers the best available protection against influenza, and the Centers for Disease Control recommend shots for anyone over six months old. The clinic will be open from 7:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. Shots are $20.00. They accept TennCare and Medicare Part B.

Influenza season typically begins in Nashville in late December or early January.
For more information about flu shots, call 615-340-0411.
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