Division and TN Section Changes

In addition to the announcement that Vice Director David Norris, K5UZ has won the election for Director of Delta Division, ARRL has published additional election results. To summarize, the following are changes affecting Delta Division and Tennessee:

  • Current Section Manager Glen Clayton, W4BDB, was declared elected as the Vice Director of the ARRL’s Delta Division
  • Keith Miller, N9DGK won the election to become the new Tennessee Section Manager.

ISS Active on Packet

The amateur radio station located on the International Space Station, Columbus module is now active on AX.25 packet radio at 437.550 MHz. More information can be found in the ARRL News announcement.

ARRL Sweepstakes

From Brad / WF7T:

ARRL Sweepstakes is this weekend! The exchange makes this a fun and slightly challenging contest, but where else could a person work all states in less than 24 hours? 20 through 10 meters has been Hot Hot Hot so this should great! If nothing else get on for a few hours Sunday afternoon or early evening give us poor guys a contact!

By the way, I will be on as K4TCG operating from K0EJ’s fantastic mountain top multi-tower contest station near Chattanooga. Please call us if you hear us (and you WILL HEAR US!)

November 26-27th (UTC) will be the fantastic CQ World-wide DX contest,CW edition. There will be some juicy DX out there and easy pickings! Search and pounce to add to your country totals or try to run them…either way it should be really fun in between turkey sandwiches and bowl games.

A few others fun contests coming up:

  • ARRL 160-Meter Contest 2200Z, Dec 2 to 1600Z, Dec 4
  • ARRL 10-Meter Contest 0000Z, Dec 10 to 2359Z, Dec 11
  • ARRL Rookie Roundup, CW 1800Z-2359Z, Dec 18

Check out the following link for contest activity: http://hornucopia.com/contestcal/contestcal.html

On the DX scene, I have been working new ones like crazy, breaking pile-ups with my 100W and wire antennas. I bet others in the club could too! Here is a link to active DXpeditions: http://www.ng3k.com/Misc/adxo.html

Here is a list of activations for this week-end’s CQWW CW contest: http://www.ng3k.com/Misc/cqc2011.html

Get active!


73 Brad WF7T

Club Christmas Dinner

Don’t forget that our monthly club meeting on Dec. 15 will be our Christmas dinner held at Ryan’s Steak House (map) starting at 6:00 PM.

We encourage everyone to attend and ask that you bring an unwrapped toy for a boy and girl (any age) for the Salvation Army. As our President said:

Remember there are a lot of people having a hard time this year and the need is great to give a little Christmas joy to the kids.